A new band named ELEV8

The previous post is an older one from about 2 years ago that I hadn’t published. We recorded some great demos for a future solo album but it was never finished. Hugo Marcus began playing with French singer Louane and left to work with her on tour so he had little time left for our project. Doesn’t matter, what we did was quite cool and it will see the light of day sometime but these days I am quite busy starting a new hard and dark rock band with 2 other musicians so far. I am going to create the ultimate band of my dreams. Loud, digital, immortal: Elev8

Elevate logo



I’ve been in the process of creating new songs for this first solo album. The working title for this album: el8ted

I started recording the pre-production demos at Hugo’s home studio (Studio Des Vignoles)  My main musical partner Hugo Marcus is an all around fantastic musician and a sweet soul to work with. He’s doing a stellar job of recording and engineering the project. We are going at a very leisurely pace to allow time for our other projects. I’ve been writing new songs for el8ted. I’m also working on an autobiography, a screenplay and helping with a documentary about my life and career. Hugo gigs and records with Timothée Lévi, Kikker, Miss Eba and David Bacci, among others… Busy guy!

We decided to record basic tracks for most songs and keep them unfinished so we can invite really cool singers and musicians to record some tracks: A voice here, a solo or a rythmn track there… We would love to collaborate with exciting artists, So if YOU are interested, we are looking for the following musical colors: Double bass, piano/keyboards, percussions/drums with jazz brushes, muted jazz trumpet, cello, koto, dobro, female vocals, rapper (english), electronic programming/sampling, turntablist/scratch…

I’m am living some of the most enthralling days of my life. Imagine starting over like a bohemian, moving to Paris, the jewel of the civilized world, with few possessions aside from my guitar and the clothes on my back, poor, almost pennyless but rich of the greatest riches given to man: A voice, a mind, a body and a heart. …Then rising in love with a bright and gorgeous little French gal, and moments later this love becomes flesh: A precious baby boy, Zach, who’s turning 9 months old today… A rich inner-life brimming with incredible memories, endless adventures, great loves and terrible pains… And with my dear old friend music…

So much inspiration for this collection of songs will mostly reveal the light that was always there at the core of my being despite the darkness within and around me. Thoughout my artistic and musical career I was known as a dark character: I was a vampire, an addict, an immortal rebel, a blood red voice on a dark & hard rock soundtrack, a singer, an actor & a clown, a troubadour, a circus freak of nature, a carny, a vagrant, a deviant, a hedonist, an epicurean, a fetishist, a voyeur, a masochist, a junkie, a criminal, a rock star, a genius, mentally unstable, insane… All these labels and more have come to describe me at one time or another in my life, and yet, in my darkest hour,  when everything around me and in me was darkness and suffering, there always remained a small ray of the purest light inside me that sometimes would shine through the cracks in the form of a beautiful song, a melody, a poem or a loving gesture… Against all odds, I survived, and I know that I owe my survival and my present life to this small flame inside my heart that never went out despite the storms and winds of violence and pains that raged on. It’s the unconditional love that my father placed at my core in my childhood. A love so pure it remained unspoiled throughout my tumultuous life. Love is the force that pulled me through each and every time, at every crossroads. This is what I will try to convey through this project. Every song will be infused with this light of love from inside me.

little impromptu jam at RV, in Paris last weekend

New double bass gal Leila Renault, Guitarist extraordinaire Hugo Marcus, and original Velvette drummer Nadia Madaoui-Pamies got together on a last minute whim to rehearse our set in front of people. The response was astonishingly positive. We are discussing turning the event into a residency for Eloha & The Velvettes. Nothing is signed yet but the people involved are eager to meke it a reality… Watch out for some major news very soon….vlcsnap-2013-12-01-05h59m53s6 IMG_3238 IMG_3242 vlcsnap-2013-12-01-05h54m25s51 - Copy vlcsnap-2013-12-01-05h58m38s25 - Copy

Wedding, babies, demos and jams…

These last months have been so incredible! I am expecting a baby son in January, very inspiring stuff. Then my dads, (Yes I have two daddies, a homosexual couple who’s been together 35 years, who finally got married. Of course I spoke about my years of struggling for THEIR right to love and equal rights… I’ve always believed that blaming a gay for being gay is as stupid as blaming a cat for being a cat… Ga men are now the examples we strive to emulate, they have style, and sex appeal. Most women wish their man would look like their gay best friend…

Anyway, I sang at that wedding, of course, then Hugo marcus and I started rehearsing and recording demos for the Velvettes project. Nadia is still our drummer and we just auditionned a great gal named Leila Renault on doublebass… We can’t wait to get in front of our next Parisian crowd to feel the response… It should be orgasmic!


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